Virgin and Child in limestone, carved in... - Lot 209 - Marambat - de Malafosse

Lot 209
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4000 - 6000 EUR
Virgin and Child in limestone, carved in... - Lot 209 - Marambat - de Malafosse
Virgin and Child in limestone, carved in the round and polychromed. Standing and slightly swaying, Mary carries her Son seated on her left arm, holding an open book in front of him; she wears a flowery crown resting on a short veil, a massive face with a fine nose and mouth, and a rounded chin that is not disgraceful; she is dressed in a high-necked gown to which a fibula is stapled at chest level. The tunic is belted at the waist, falling to the front and adorned with small, regular geometric motifs; an open cloak is held in place by a tasselled cord; monolithic paneled base. Ile de France or Lorraine, first third of the 14th century H: 117.5 cm. (some missing parts, accidents and restorations) This large Virgin and Child is striking for the difference between its square head and the fine, graceful lines of its body. Characteristics typical of Lorraine Virgins are the short veil on the front, the graceful wiggle, the rather square face and the patterned belt strap. Other stylistic elements point to Ile de France scissors, such as the deep folds of the dress elongating the silhouette, and the almost restless legs of the Child entangled in the folds of his garment. A rare feature is the circular fibula pinned to the Virgin's chest. When a pectoral clasp is used to hold a fabric in place, it is usually polylobed; here, it is simple enough to adorn without ostentation. Provenance: private collection from Toulouse, sale November 14, 1997, Etude Le Roux et Morel Works consulted : J. Boccador, E. Bresset, Statuaire médiévale de collection, Tome II, Milan, 1972 Figures de Madones, Vierges sculptées des Vosges, XIIe- XVIe siècle, exhibition catalog, Epinal, Musée départemental d'art ancien et contemporain, February 26 - May 22, 2005. Condition report: Broken head glued back together, neck replastered and neck in front, Child's head redone, lily missing, spalling. Expert : M. Benoît Bertrand
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