Very fine pinwheel harquebus by Christopher... - Lot 148 - Marambat - de Malafosse

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Very fine pinwheel harquebus by Christopher... - Lot 148 - Marambat - de Malafosse
Very fine pinwheel harquebus by Christopher Joseph FREY, Munich gunsmith (1685-1782). Frey obtained the title of Court Armorer in 1746, the absence of which makes it reasonable to date this harquebus to the 1st third of the 18th century. Octagonal barrel, slightly flared at the muzzle, with deep rifling. 13.5mm caliber. The barrel has a dovetail-mounted front sight and rear sight (rear sight mounted upside down). The barrel's thunderbolt has a fine groove and is decorated with geometric motifs on the flats. Beautiful flat-body lock bearing the master's signature "C. Ioseph Frey in Munchen". The back of the plate is unengraved. Strong guilloche battery spring, engraved hammer (missing cocking arm). Palm rest trigger guard. Sumptuous walnut frame inlaid with a multitude of bone decorations featuring snakes, dogs, butterflies, birds and flowers. Drawer in the stock (restored?), horn buttplate probably later. The cheek of the stock on the left bears a large coat of arms in the form of a French shield featuring two lions erect on a hatched background separated by a break (Diesbach family?). The coat of arms is framed by a profusion of plant garlands. The counterplate features a bear-hunting scene and a pack of running dogs. Later stick. Due to the antiquity of the piece, we have decided not to cock the spinning wheel to avoid breakage. Overall length: 1130 mm. The weapon is in very good condition, with a few minor dents that do not detract from the aesthetics. The bone parts are yellowed in places. Condition 1-
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