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You’ve always dreamed of wearing a nice watch on your wrist, but you never made it? Are you a true enthusiast and collector, looking for a Patek Philippe or a Rolex belonging to a great personality? On the contrary, do you want an old watch to be valued? Do not hesitate to contact the Marambat Malafosse study. Our experts will help you evaluate your watch.

The different types of watch and watch mechanisms

There are three different types of watch mechanisms. We distinguish the models:


Self-winding watches work on their own. They are equipped with a rotor that continuously lifts the spring of the barrel, thanks to the natural movements of the wearer’s wrist. This system was developed by Rolex in 1930. Self-winding watches usually cost more than other models.

Quartz watches use the energy provided by a battery to operate. The electrical current from the battery is sent to a quartz crystal that creates the vibrations that cause the movement of the needles. This is the most common model on the market.

Semi-automatic watches are hybrid models. Some parts of their mechanism are powered by a battery while others work automatically. This type of watch is increasingly rare.

How to estimate the value of a used watch?

The estimation of the value of a second hand watch is based on three main criteria:

The material of manufacture;
The rarity;
The state of conservation.

Generally, used luxury watches have a lot of value, as they are made with precious metals (diamond, gold and silver). The brand is also decisive. For example, a Vacheron Constantin watch from the Métiers d'Art and Antique collection can be worth up to 80,000 euros if it is in good condition for preservation. Other major watchmakers such as Breitling, Breguet, Hamilton, Bell & Ross, Omega, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Lecoultre are also highly coveted.

Do you have a prestigious or antique timepiece whose exact value you want to know? Our sales specialists can help you with your luxury accessories. The owners of the Marambat - de Malafosse house offer you every Monday, from 2 pm to 6 pm, a confidential and free expertise of your antique or luxury watches in Toulouse. You can also contact us online to request an estimate of the value of a piece of jewellery.

These watches that have marked the history of watchmaking

The history of watchmaking has seen the succession of many watches of different designs and origins. Some of them, for aesthetic or technical reasons, have left their mark on the minds and have become inescapable symbols. These include the following:

John Harrison’s H4 marine watch;
The Rolex submariner, one of the most famous watches in the world, renowned for its robustness and timeless design;
The Omega speedmaster, the only watch to have been officially used on the moon (approved by NASA);
The Zenith El Primero, invented in 1969 and long regarded as the most accurate automatic chronograph in the world;
The Leroy 01, unique pocket watch that was considered until the end of the 20th century as the most complicated timepiece in the world…

What should we remember? Before buying a second-hand antique watch, we must take into account certain criteria to estimate its exact value. This is very important to avoid scams. If you need help, don’t hesitate to confide in Marambat – de Malafosse auctioneers.



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