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EXPOSITIONS PUBLIQUES : lundi 22 mai de 9h à midi et de 14H à 18H --- mardi 23 mai 9H-11H
Sale information

Exhibitions: Monday May 22 9H-12H / 14H-18H, Tuesday May 23 9H-11H

Contact : Théo MONCASSIN - 05 61 12 12 17 - moncassin@mm-encheres.com


The states of conservation are specified at the end of each description.

(1) Very good condition

(2) Good condition

(3) Good condition

(4) Poor condition.

These assessments are refined if necessary by "+ or -".

The weapons of category "D" are on free sale under conditions of majority.

The weapons of category "C" are subjected to declaration the bidders must provide to be able to withdraw their lots either:

-The valid license of the French shooting federation stamped by the doctor.

-A valid hunting license and its validation.

-The license of the French Federation of Ball-Trap.

Your AIS number if you have one, otherwise we will generate it during the registration process. To do this, we need a copy of your CNI, your current address, your phone number and your email.

N.B. Bidders holding only a hunting license must have opened their virtual workshop and created their S.I.A. number before being able to withdraw their lots so that the auction house will be able to register their purchases directly on this rack.

For professional buyers, a valid copy of the authorization to trade in category "B" or "C" weapons will be required, depending on the classification of the lots and their S.I.A. number.

The control of the national file FINADIA will be carried out an inscription of the bidder on this file will cancel the sale without possible complaint.

The Hôtel des ventes does not carry out any shipping.

For any sending by express carrier (DHL - TNT - UPS - FEDEX) we invite you to contact the company Mail Boxes Etc:

- MAIL BOXES ETC (MBE) : mbe2603@mbefrance.fr or

You will also find below the coordinates of specialized transporters:


Contact : Mr Robert Trocard

Tel :



Tel :



Tel :


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